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Want Different Do Different Triathlon Team Kit -Shorts

Want Different Do Different Triathlon Team Kit -Shorts


Welcome to the Want Different Do Different Triathlon Team- and our signature Warrior Tri Kit - Shorts.


Our sublimnated 2 piece triathlon kits were designed with the needs of every triathlon in mind.  Comfort, aerodynamics, performance and durability all played a key roll in the manufacturing process.  Our kits come in Top/bottom pieces ( TOP sold seperately).  The design is meant for them to be sold together spelling out the word WARRIOR vertically down the right side of the fabric.


Your Tri Shorts have a built in nutrition and or ice zipper pockets making this tri short race- ready.  The drawstring waist allows for comfort and easy adjustments in transition.  The chamois crotch provides essential comfort and mositure a wicking barrier to minimize chafing. Proudly display your commitment to health and wellness and join our triathlon team sporintg your very own Want Different Do Differetn Tri Kit.



* 7 inch spandex shorts for increased blood circulation 

* Silicone thihg bands imrpove aerodymic funtions

* High waist drawstring - back zipper pocket

* High quality Made in the USA fabric ensuring the highest moisture management and ventilation.

* seamless stiching ensures comfort minimizing chafing.




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