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April Hartsook 
President & CEO
Founder Creator WDDD® Movement

   Want Different Do Different® evolved from my very own life experiences, from the realization that the world was tough, the cards we are dealt aren’t always fair, and the roads we travel are often treacherous and dangerous with no safety nets to catch us. No one was going to change my life for me, no one could fix the messes I made, undo the choices I chose, or take away the pain I had to experience, I was going to have to “DO DIFFERENT” In other words I had to come to understand this was my life, and if I wanted everything to change then I had to change everything!

Your life evolves around the choices and decisions that you base on your emotions...when you WANT to feel good, you live in the memories of happier times and feel good emotions...and the same can be said when you WANT to feel bad,  you live in self pity, and relive the pain over and over again, you CHOOSE to live in the past and the painful memories and events that lead to the scars you continue to carry...WHY? Habit, comfort, fear?

Until you become WILLING to allow yourself to "DO Different" you will continue to choose the comfort of the dysfunctional norm you have come to know...Your yesterday is your today, mainly because you refuse to forgive yourself and/or others and you refuse to let isn't about acknowledging wrong or pointing fingers or boasting about being right...its about being HAPPY! How's your way working for you?


Our responsibility to ourselves is just that, a responsibility: to be accountable for who we are, the choices we make and the roads we place ourselves upon.  Each path teaching us through self-discovery and acknowledgment that there are others who have traveled similar roads and shared knowledge of those roads often lead to helpful guidelines. Understanding that “Doing Different” begins with the smallest of things (like which side of the sink you put your toothbrush each day, why not try the other side?).  We are creatures of habit, and those habits often lead to complacency in our daily lives, which stunts personal growth. Making minor changes on a regular basis leads to bigger ones.


Choosing to Do Different is a philosophy based on action fueled by a change in thought.  You have to change your way of thinking by opening your mind to the possibility that someone else has a better way.  There is no “right or wrong” there is “good”, “better” and “best”.  Open your mind to the possibility that you can have the very best by “Doing Different”. No sugar coating of the issues and problems in your life, no justifying and denying they exist, stop blaming people, places and things, and understand that if you truly “Want Different” in your own life, then you, and only you can make the choice daily to “Do Different”.  “You can wish, and hope all you want but action is what is needed to change, and as a species it is only those willing and able to change that will survive”.




April Hartsook ~ CEO AH Enterprises, Inc. ,  Fitness Philanthropist, TV Personality, Motivational Speaker

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