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Want Different Do Different®



Phonetic Phitness® was born in an effort to communicate Health and Wellness and Inspire the globe to Do Different.  Our Crazy comfy activewear Racerback Tanks
are cleverly designed using the phonetic alphabet, empowering and encouraging you to take back the direction of your health and wellness journey. 
Are you ready to
Do Different?


Telly® Award Winner


April Hartsook Show

Want Different Do Different

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Over and Over people claim they are sick of the place they find themselves in ..whether it's their job, their education level, their realtionships and yes their overall health and wellness...

You want Different and yet you continue to repeat the thinking that led you to the choices and decisions that result over and over agian in the same result...

The question is ...Are you ready to put ACTION behind your wants? Are you ready to administer the Self C.A.R.E.™ ( choices, accountability, responsiblity, expectations) needed to change your life?

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