Helping Wounded Women Warriors re-connect, re-claim and re-establish their lives through education, awareness, fundraisiing & national events.


Hartsooks Heroes is a Non Profit Organization founded by April Hartsook in 2014. April's patriotism to this country and to its military personnel through motivational speaking engagements, volunteerism and personal connections, lead her to establish this organization. " I wanted these women to know they STILL matter."... said Hartsook.


April proudly shares...."As a military brat, I come from generations of Army, Navy and Air Force servicemen and women dating as far back as the Civil War. My Father and my hero, a Retired Officer of the United States Navy, instilled core values in me learned through service and sacrifice. The military is a part of me, the very ideals and beliefs upon which this country was founded resonate deep within me and now it's my turn to "serve".


"The discipline, dedication and self sacrifices I have witnessed my entire life, led me to this moment in time to step up and Lead. After witnessing the brave and unselfish acts of valor and heroism among our armed forces returning from war, my heart bled for my "sisters". These brave women who fought for this country were returning home with life sustaining injuries, physical challenges, loss of limbs, mental and emotional conflicts, self esteem, self worth, and self image issues. Many programs out there address the outside physical healing upon their return...but for me it's the inside heart, mind and soul of a woman that months, and even years later still need healing. "It's really that simple, this is about remembering them LONG after the homecoming parade, and teaching them that their lives have meaning, purpose, value and that they are not alone in their struggles, and their injuries don't define them." 


Our number one goal is to raise the national awareness of the continual need to aid and help heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wounds of our beautiful Wounded Women Warriors who have sacrificed themselves through their military service to this country. 


Join the Want Different Do Different Health and Wellness Movement in support of ALL Wounded Women Warriors (enlisted or not). Through speaking events, local and national running, triathlon events, and specialized military events, we will raise the awareness of the needs of these amazing women and support those needs through donations and sponsorships. Together we hope to aid the continued recovery of our wounded women warriors re-acclimating them to everyday life, and helping them face the continual new challenges due to the physical, mental and emotional injuries they have sustained during and after the war.


" We may not be responsible for the condition we find ourselves in (mentally, physically or emotionally) HOWEVER we are responsible if we choose to stay there!"...April Hartsook Want Different Do Different™


As an AMBASSADOR with HARTSOOK HEROES, you are asked to inspire, motivate and share your strengths, your passion for life, your willingness to embrace challenges, your dedication to living a healthier life style, your hunger and determination to make a difference, and your deep down courageous drive to NEVER give up.



"never ever underestimate that together we are far stronger than we ever thought we could be alone!"...AH


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