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Welcome to one of the greatest oppotunities you may ever have to lead and serve along this journey we call life...a chance, like me to use your gifts of love and light to help someone else....

are you listening...this is IMPORTANT!!!!


Many of you might know me as a TV Personality, Model, Fitness Guru, Health and Wellness Philanthropist and the President of HartsooksHeroes...I travel the Globe Speaking,S haring, Motivating and Inspiring others to take care of the body they have been given...I am also a highly visible Global Ambassador for ALS...having lost both my coach Rosemary and my very dear friend and endurance athlete teammate Karen to ALS....I have made it my resolve in this life to battle this monster till a Cure is found...

My world consists of encouraging and teaching others how to take back their health and wellness through accountability and personal responsiblity...

the global movement I created is called Want Different Do Different™...


If you find yourself on this page...chances are you are either personally connected to ALS through family or friends, or perhaps even you yourself....or you felt those heart strings of yours I was tugging at so strongly...either way I am so grateful you are an ALS Ambassador across the globe I am asked to step up to Lead and Serve and have discovered that I cannot do this alone...I NEED YOU!!!!

I brought you here for one provide an opportunity for you to Lead and Serve along side me by making a DONATION to the Brigance Brigade. This Foundation was created by OJ Brigance, a former NFL player for the Baltimore Ravens and his wife Chanda, for the sole purpose of providing aid and comfort to families stricken with ALS. 


OJ knew all he had to do was ask and I would step up and Lead...not for any other reason than together we are stronger than we ever thought we could be alone!... He asked me to help him, help others...How could I refuse? in turn, now I am asking you to do the same...We are a TEAM and your Donation will go along way in helping so many people...are you ready to step up and Lead??

The Brigance Brigade Foundation's mission is simple - they strive to improve the quality of life for those affected by ALS along with their families....Their grants allow patients and families to continue to live their lives in spite of this crippling disease.


Please JOIN ME in spirit by making a Donation, and I promise to carry your love and light with me as I travel to Baltimore to Raise funds and Run the Brigance Brigade 5.7K. Please help me Run for those who no longer can!!!


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