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The 2017 Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Opens Bass Fishing Tournament Series® is underweigh and AH Enterprises, Inc., a non-endemic company to the fishing world, has joined the ranks of Corporate Sponsorship on the water. April Hartsook, the company’s out-of-the-box President and CEO, has teamed up with Professional Angler Randy Elliott in a joint effort to promote global change through her philanthropic movement... Want Different Do Different®.

Hartsook’s company, based out of Winston Salem, NC has its roots centered in health and wellness, however, she is quick to point out “It’s MORE than Fitness.” April vehemently challenges the global population daily to own their lives, their actions and the consequences and rewards of those actions. As a professional angler, Elliott believes wholeheartedly in Hartsook’s movement. “I have a responsibility not only to myself, but to the next generation of young men and women joining the fishing world, to “Do Different” in life. Sure sponsorship provides a means to chase that elusive Open win, but fishing is much more than winning. Rather than complain that we are losing the battle between television, video games, electronics and social media with kids and outside play; we need to become more responsible in mandating and managing our time to include them. We need to make time to fish, time to teach, and time to get outside, not by demanding it of them, but by doing it with them. We are responsible to teach them how to “Do Different”. As a young boy I was taught to fish, and subsequently I taught my children to fish. When I am not on the road, there is nothing I love more than sharing time with my family outdoors and in turn they love the same. I am humbled to be in partnership with a company whose ideals center around action, not just words. I am thrilled to be a part of something that changes the lives of people for the greater good through doing something I love to do, fish!” said Elliott. 

“Global change is brought about through personal responsibility and accountability, whether on the water or not. The world has fallen into a self absorbed, entitled, anointed funk and wants to point the finger at everyone and everything for the changes needed to continue evolving and growing as a nation and as a world. Change occurs when we step up and promote what we want to see through our own actions. Then we become part of the solution and not part of the problem,” said Hartsook. “I strive to improve the lives of people across the globe by teaching them to “Do Different” in all areas of their lives., remember, “It’s MORE than Fitness ” exclaims Hartsook. 

Asked why she chose the male dominated world of Professional Bass Fishing to become a corporate sponsor? Her response, “Because it’s the perfect venue to showcase what it means to “Do Different”. People expect endemic companies to be present on the water, and while we certainly aren’t endemic, we are applicable. Professional athletes of all genres have a responsibility to use their talents and gifts to teach the next generation how to continue progressing their respective sport. My company wants to take a Leadership role in saying not only will we be helping ourselves and those who join the Want Different Do Different® Movement, but we will in turn be helping the fisherman, fans, followers, and fishing industry as a whole. It’s a Win-Win for everyone!” Hartsook added.

"Many people know me as an Ironman Triathlete who loves to push myself to the limits through training and competing in ultra endurance events with other World Class Athletes across the globe. I spend long hours at the office, insane amounts of time on the phone, answering emails, social networking, training myself and my clients, filming videos and DVD’s, interviewing in front of TV camera’s, Fitness model and ad campaign photography shoots, motivational speaking events and kickoff’s, all in an effort “to CHANGE THE WORLD,” but what they don’t know is sometimes I like to shut it all off, well most of it anyway, and get away out on the water fishing,” laughs Hartsook

“Anyone who thinks it is just a passive sport has never gotten behind the wheel of a Bass Boat with a wide open throttle. Your adrenaline is pumping; your heart is racing, and all you can think about is the moment in front of you. It's the kind of thing that makes you want more. Whether your passion is fishing or simply the thrill of competition, it’s a combination of skill, timing, finesse and information, the very things that are in my own makeup as an athlete. In other words it’s all on me, just the way I like it!” said Hartsook.

“We are very excited for the upcoming 2017 Bassmaster Open Season with Mr. Elliott,” said Hartsook. “He has devoted a lifetime to fishing and believes in personal responsibility to the fishing industry as a whole and all of its followers and supporters. He exemplifies what it means to give back. He has the authenticity we were looking for in a professional outdoorsman and we feel certain he will represent our brand and its message extremely well,” added April. 

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