Looking to improve your overall Mental Health and Physical Wellness? 

Tired of being miserable, angry, overweight, unhealthy, and unhappy?

Looking to improve your self-esteem and self confidence?

Looking to heal the scars and wounds of all that guilt and shame?

Looking to learn how to begin again and this time not stop?

Are you ready to stop blaming your past and start owning your present?


The Want Different Do Different Movement provides the necessary tools to empower you to take back your life. It teaches you how to not just exist, but thrive, in everyday life. By educating you and requiring you to put the tools given into practice. T he 10 WDDD Principles of Purpose can and will help you achieve your dreams, by showing you that all you have to do is start, set some small realistic goals, and support you in reaching them.


Allow me to help you not just have not just the life you've always wanted, but the one you choose to create. You don't have to be an athlete, you dont have to be fit, fast or fitness obsessed.  All you need is an attitude of willingness and a desire to Do Different. 


* Mind and Body WDDD® self C.A.R.E. books

* Mind and Body WDDD® self C.A.R.E. workbooks

* Personal and Professional Goal Setting tools

* Nutrition Guidelines and Workbook

* Daily Reminders Materials

* Fitness Apparrel and WDDD® team gear

* WDDD® ambassador uniforms




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